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What is indieTracks?

About indieTracks

indieTracks is a production music library that offers a diverse collection of handpicked songs & instrumentals from independent musical artists. All of the music is pre-cleared & available for licensing directly through us.

Its purpose is to market the original music of singer/songwriters, bands,composers & other artists non-exclusively & directly for placement in advertisements, television programs, films & other new media outlets.

What indieTracks has to offer...

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Our user-friendly search engine allows you to quickly browse for music by keyword(s), artist, genre, mood, instrumentation, tempo, era, length & production quality. Use our public search engine to listen to 30 second samples.

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Meet Our Staff

Jieyun (Ivy) Hu width=

Jieyun (Ivy) Hu -- indieTracks Operations

Ivy is currently studying for a Bachelor degree in Mathematics, Music Technology, and Composition combined major. She has been emerging in music since lower school when she was first introduced to violin. Ivy has obtained Grade 8 with the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). In addition to her interest in Math, she also enjoys writing classical instrumental scores for films. Ivy thinks that it is amazing how music can shape the pictures, and how important scoring is as a component of film, she is ready to carry this passion for music throughout her life.

Claudia Atkinson width=

Claudia Atkinson -- Licensing

Claudia is a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music where she received a Bachelors degree in Music with a focus in Songwriting. Being exposed to the music of artist like Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder at a very young age, Claudia instantly knew music was her passion. At the age of 6 Claudia began playing the violin and later went to be trained as a classical violinist. A few years after she picked up a violin, she began taking piano lessons. It wasn't much later that Claudia, like many of her music idols, began putting lyrics to the music she was creating. Thus, leading her to what she is accomplishing now. Claudia has begun collaborating and writing for various artists in the Philadelphia and Boston region. She has also begun her own solo-performing career as a Pop/R&B artist.

Li Wang

Li Wang -- Metadata Management

Li Wang is a writer, director and sound artist. Since her childhood she was interested in nature. She studied biology before working with media. Later she wanted to get to know the world by working with image and sound. Li carried her curiosity into the process of media making, as a way to understand human minds and emotions, which are more complicated then their genomes. She has worked with different media including film, animation, videos, photograph and audio.

Tim Reppert

Tim Reppert -- Engineer, Composer, Producer

Composer, bassist, recording engineer and producer Tim studied at Berklee College of Music, and has worked as a recording engineer and studio session musician in New York City, Boston, and Ithaca where his own production studio now flourishes. He currently performs with the jazz string group Water Bear and is in a backup band for a gifted singer/songwriter Crow Greenspun. In his successful career he’s recorded for diverse clients such as Sly Stone, Whitney Houston, The Beastie Boys, Grand Master Flash and Kool & The Gang. For the past 11 years he’s also been a resident Sound Designer for the Kitchen Theatre Company in Ithaca, NY creating over 80 sound scores and compositions for the Company’s wide range of productions. His sound design skills have reached to Vermont Stage for Syringa Tree and to NYC for an off-Broadway production of The Soup Comes Last. Has also done custom music for Royal Caribbean and Network Health among many others.