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Total Results: 21

Total Length: 01:45
Slow plucking strings, with piano and a droning strings melody in the chorus.

Total Length: 02:19
An atmospheric and calm orchestral piece

Total Length: 02:29
A touching, hopeful piano piece.

Total Length: 01:38
A chill, mellow acoustic pop/rock song.

Total Length: 03:18
A desert search

Total Length: 01:47
Fast percussion and soothing bells and arcade sounding synths.

Total Length: 01:45
Percussive intro with a soothing feel, and sitar.

Lurching Overcast
Lance Bembry

Total Length: 02:40
A melancholic and nostalgic orchestral and electronic track

Total Length: 02:09
Smooth synths and strings, with electronic elements.

Total Length: 01:53
A liquid movement, like owl city.

Total Length: 02:04
A driven yet contemplative piece

Total Length: 03:19
A melancholy, yet hopeful strings and piano piece.

Total Length: 02:42
A lively, up-beat electronic/orchestral song.

Total Length: 02:08
Slow building instrumental piece; with an ethnic sound, and layered instruments.

Thoughtful Pennies
Lance Bembry

Total Length: 01:06
Slow and simple piece with bells, flutes, and strings.

Total Results: 21