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Total Results: 15

Total Length: 02:34
Fantasy carnival, mystical celebration; electronic, euphoric, chaotic, funky, jazz, smooth,

Total Length: 01:12
Simple rhythmic techno/electronica piece; bass, breakdown, driving, groovy, techno, upbeat, determined, intense,

Total Length: 01:10
Jazz/Funk/Lounge influenced electronic piece; upbeat, cheery, positive, groovy, excited, innocent, lighthearted, energetic, fun, funky, confident,

Total Length: 01:07
Funky pop tune; uptempo, funky, electronic, strings, successful, groovy, breakdown, soaring, ambitious, euphoric, determined,

Total Length: 01:38
A funky and electronic instrumental piece; playful, funky, offbeat, bass, piano, quirky, groovy, beatbox, energetic, happy, fun,

The Fire Burns
Neil Larson

Dr Nigel
Total Length: 01:39
Funky electronic and ambient song; hip hop, psychedelic, soulful, sensual, sexy, groovy, erotic, rhythmic, chill, light,

True Reflections
Neil Larson

Dr Nigel
Total Length: 01:15
Lounge/Electronica piece with a laid back feel; compassionate, sympathy, low key, hopeful, nostalgia, serene, content, smooth, relaxing, peaceful, somber, reflective

Bridging the Gap
Neil Larson

Dr Nigel
Total Length: 1:00
Rhumba influenced electronic piece with horns; breakdown, lounge, electronic, smooth, fresh, nature, content, peaceful,

Total Length: 02:29
Floating, dreamy, rising, creative, pensive, ponder, wonder, lively, upbeat, positive, psychedelic, electronic, ethereal, smooth,

Total Length: 03:40
Driving electronica-influenced rock piece with marimba; powerful, grunge, rolling, driving, powerhouse, aggressive, intense, techno, upbeat,

Total Length: 01:22
Loungy breakbeat, chill, dramatic, driving, confident, determined, hopeful, electronic, groovy, smooth, jazz-inspired, funky, rhythmic,

Total Length: 2:38
Ambient/dreamy electronica piece; laidback, truth, dreamy, euphoric, ethereal, fantasy,

Total Length: 1:26
An electronic techno piece; dance, playful, bouncy, synth, quirky, funky, confident, fun, upbeat,

Total Length: 2:36
Confident and mellow guitar led electronic piece; soulful, calm, bliss, groove, electronic, slow, chill, euphoric, heaven, thankful, praise, fresh, relaxing, peaceful

Total Length: 1:00
Mysterious vibraphone led electronic song; steady, mysterious, mystical, doubt, confusion, odd, techno, stealth, interesting, lounge

Total Results: 15