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The agreement is non-exclusive, which means you are free to list and license your music to us as well as other companies provided that (i) you are the original writer/composer of the music and that you are the copyright holder and owner of the masters (original) recordings or (2) you have entered into a non-exclusive agreement with the owner of the masters and copyrights. If you are a band and you are signed to a record label, publisher, producer, management company or other third party you need to consult with them and show them a copy of our contract before submitting any music.

If there are loops, samples, or other pieces of original works composed by other artists, you must obtain written permission to use their work and we will need a copy of this written permission signed by both parties.

For our purposes, we will ask you to rename each song you submit (this new song title should be completely different from the song title listed with other libraries/clients for the same song). We will then register the renamed song with you as the writer with ASCAP or BMI (whichever PRO society you are currently affiliated with) and list ourselves as the publisher only for when it is used through our library. This means that if you are currently the publisher and you license the same song through your own clients, you will still own the publishing rights. It is only if we license your renamed song to one of our clients that we collect the publishing from that (you would still keep all your performance/writers royalties).

If you license your music to a client of yours that is similar to ours, we expect to be informed and the agreements are subject to our approval- this is to avoid conflict and protect clients. This mostly has to do with big clients advertising in major markets. For example, if we license your song for a McDonalds Commercial, and then you license your music to Burger King for a commercial, McDonalds and Burger King are not going to be happy that their advertisements feature the same music. We hope to avoid this conflict by having you inform us of major client interactions through your own business transactions or other libraries/companies in major markets or local Boston markets.

Royalties & License Fees

Licensing Fee: We split the licensing fee with you 50/50 and you will be paid quarterly (Refer to actual agreement for specific dates/terms).

Publishing Royalties: Remain yours except when licensed to our clients through our library. For this purpose, as we discussed earlier, you are required to rename each song that you submit for consideration into the indieTracks catalog. We will then registered these renamed songs with ASCAP or BMI to ensure that we only keep publishing royalties when they are generated as a result of the licensing of your music through our library.

Writers/Performance: You keep all of this.

Other Important Points

The agreement you sign grants us permission to license your masters to any medium (TV, Film, Radio, Internet Websites etc.).

The agreement you sign will last for two years and will renew automatically for one year every year on the expiration date unless you notify us that you would like to leave the agreement thirty days before the current agreement expires.

You agree to provide us with publicity materials, such as an artist/band bio, album artwork, lyrics, and/or photographs so we can put them on our website and better promote your music.

You agree that our clients may use any portion of your music. In other words, you agree that our clients may edit or remix your music to suit their needs, as long as it does not change the fundamental character of your music. Of course, our clients will NEVER be allowed to claim ownership based on such edits/remixes.

Let’s Recap

Basically, by signing the agreement you give us permission to non-exclusively license your original music to our clients for any medium (film, television, etc). You are required to rename your music prior to submitting it and then we will register your renamed music with the appropriate performing rights society. We will split the licensing fee 50/50 with you. You will keep all writers / performance royalties. We will keep the publishing rights only when your music is licensed through our library. We will send you a statement / pay you four times a year (provided that your music has been used). The agreement lasts for two years and then it renews automatically unless stated at least 30 days beforehand by either party.